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Starting eSkillz Games.

I’ve worked in the Games Industry for around 20 years. I learnt the trade of Game Design at Codemasters working on multi-million selling games like Colin McRae Rally. I was lucky to work under co-founder Richard Darling, who is a renowned Designer. I met Richard M Smith there, who I’d go on to found Red Chain Games with. I also worked at Evolution Studios on the WRC series and CustomPlay Games. Since 2008 Red Chain Games has developed golf game software, exclusively for Foresight Sports, who are now the premier golf simulator company.

In 2017 I discovered Bitcoin and Crypto and am hugely passionate about it’s potential. In 2021 I became aware of a fast growing trend for Play To Earn (P2E) games and grew increasingly fascinated by them. I noticed there was a potential gap in the market for realistic sports games, a genre that is always popular in traditional gaming. After discussing my thoughts with a couple of people, I decided to take the plunge and set up eSkillz Games in October.

Since then things have been moving very quickly but I hope to find the time to keep a blog about the project, starting a company, blockchain development, P2E game design and more. I passionately believe that Crypto offers exciting possibilities for anyone looking to start a new project and hope I can offer some guidance.

As such, I will endeavor to post regularly on Medium, starting today.

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