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V1.22 Patch Notes


The cue ball was placed under the table when potted by AI.
AI reset shot delay.
Shot ended up not being called if AI broke first.

An in-game image for eSkillz Pool


Sound split between sfx and music, with volume controllers.
Background music changed.
A marketplace button was added when ran out of Matic during a transaction.
Auto update from the notification screen.
Added bug report button to in-game UI.
New wallets created are assigned 0.5 $MATIC for easier onboarding of new players.

An image showing Audio settings for an eSkillz game


Cue Ball regulations according to The World Eightball Pool Federation.
An in-game Bug report possibility has been added.

A screenshot showing V1,21 of the game is now available

Coming Soon

Tournament mode.
Music selection.

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