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Founding Members

Chris Banwell

Co-Founder and CTO

Over 20 years of experience developing games and financial software.

Dean Baker

Co-founder and CEO

20 years of experience in the Games Industry, developing sports games. Over 10 million units sold.

Richard M Smith

Co-founder and CDO

20 years experience in the Games Industry, developing sports and FPS games. Over 5 million units sold.

Corporate and Development

Peter Bowman

Ryan Leusch


Over 30 years CXO level growth success. Blockchain, Web3 Development and Certified Metaverse Developer.

Matia Lunardon


Over 20 years experiencing in Finance, including advising start- ups, M&As, founding a consulting business and managing a family office

Dean DeLisle


Over 35 years of Capital Raise, Demand Generation and Digital Conversion, raising over $750m, including 5 IPOs.

Michael Hofbauer


20 years of management and tech consulting experience, co-founder of multiple advisory businesses.

Louie Rice


10 years experience in marketing and operations, specialising in Web3 and NFTs

Josh Gilderdale

Unity developer

Unity developer with over 7 years of experience. Developing games, software, mobile apps, and VR experiences.

Ekrem Buğra Berdan

Unity 3D Developer

Unity 3D Developer coding games for over 3 years

Aimen Guentri

2D and 3D artist

2D and 3D Artist with 5 years experience in games and crypto

Hugo Neves

Community Manager

10 years experience in Web2 and Web3

Anou Khamtan

Blockchain and React Developer

5 years experience in blockchain and smart contract development

James Gillen

Unity 3D Developer

Experienced Unity 3D Developer, coding games for over 5 years.

Kateryna Kravtsova

Marketer Intern

3 years experience in product marketing and market research

Francisco Nazar

Unity 3D Developer Intern

3 years of experience developing games

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