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eSkillz Games Tournament.

The eSkillz Games tournament is set to begin and we will be hosting Call of Duty (COD) Multiplayer. The tournament is open to everyone, challenge other players, play the game and stand a chance to win cash prizes.


1. Join the eSkillz Discord community server and become a verified player —

2. Assemble your team

3. All players must follow eSkillz games on twitter to be qualified —


* All participants must be player verified

* Teams will have 4 players each

* Each team must register their clan name before the event

* When a match concludes, the players must post the results in the designated discord channel TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE

* Spectators: Spectators will be in charge of monitoring ongoing matches to ensure smooth running of the matches

* Verified Teams: Verified teams made up of 4 verified players are the participants of the game

* All Official Communication On the Discord Channel Only


* Thursday June 30th

* Off Stream Event

* 25 teams

* Tournament will happen on the official eSkillz Discord


* Friday July 1st

* Off Stream Event

* Top 10 teams


* Saturday July 2nd

* Off Stream Event

* Top 5 teams


* 1st Place: $100

* 2nd Place: $60

* 3rd Place:$40

Want To Play: Join our Discord Community —

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