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eSkillz Games – The Hub

eSkillz Games – The Hub

Today is a very special day for the eSkillz team, and we are very excited to share this news with you all. We are launching our Open Golf Beta and sharing the first glimpses of the eSkillz Hub and what the future of sports gaming will look like. So before we jump into all the exciting details, make a mental note that your avatar won’t always look like a poorly dressed thumb with no eyebrows. This is just a temporary placeholder while we work on some magic. 

eSkillz Games The Hub

What is the eSkillz Hub?

The eSkillz Hub is an open-world environment that will house all of our skill-based sports games, and ultimately, The Hub is the heart of our ecosystem. In the first edition, V1.0 players can only navigate their avatars around a basic sports bar. In the bar, players can walk through two doors, Golf or Pool, both games in the same download.

As time goes on, and likely with each update, this tiny little sports bar will grow and flourish into a busy SportsVerse, a digital home for all sports fans. Each game will also become a Unity Addressable Asset meaning The Hub will only download and update the games you want to play. This is very exciting and a massive win for the future of eSkillz Games. 

V1.0 will be Desktop only for now. But fret not. We plan to optimise this experience for mobile as soon as possible, and we are even building with console in mind for the future. Ahem… Sony.

Sign up for the Open Beta on our homepage and follow the instructions in the email. See you in The Hub.

Wen Golf?

Wait, no longer, Golf fans. You can now play three exciting, additive and, at times, very frustrating Arcade modes, Yard Wide, Shrinking Holes and Target Golf, and if that wasn’t enough, we are launching with three visually stunning Par 3 courses. Ten attempts to hit a hole-in-one. Good luck out there, Golfers.

Initially, Golf will only be available in The Hub and on Desktop. However, Golf will be available as a separate download for IOS and Android as soon as May. Learn more about Golf here. Web3 Gaming Platform Release.

On the 25th of April, 2023, eSkillz will go on a public game launcher for the first time. Thanks to the Ultra game store, we’re very excited to have the opportunity.

Players can download and play The Hub directly on the Ultra launcher. This is another massive win for eSkillz Games. This partnership helps build trust and gives our game some well-deserved exposure.

We won’t stop there. We are in contact with several Web3 gaming platforms and distributors and will launch more very soon, so watch this space.

Open Beta – Bugs and Issues

It is important to remember the games are still in early beta and on the Polygon testnet. This means there will be bugs and issues along the way, but that’s fine. That’s what betas and testnets are for, right?!

The prolonged beta and being on testnet allows us to really test our PvP wagering systems as eSkillz Games will be leaders in Web3 skill-based PvP wagering.

If you find a bug or issue, it’s very important to report it in-game so our talented devs can see the timestamp and reproduce the issue to better understand and fix it. 

Players can also report bugs and issues in our Discord. We even have some small incentives for our most successful bug catchers.

We continue to turn up the heat in our fight against the bugs and have employed our first Game Tester this week. That’s right. Someone gets to play our game as a job. Isn’t she so lucky? 

You can check all our Patch Notes here.

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