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eSkillz Games June Report

June 2023 was a great month here at eSkillz. We’ve been building momentum and really enjoying it. What’s been happening at eSkillz Games this past month:

Overview of June

eSkillz Games June 2023 Report

eSkillz has had a fantastic month in June. Here is a run-down.

  • We’ve completed our insider round ahead of schedule. More information on this is written below. We are excited to announce our seed round specifics in the near future.
  • eSkillz Games now has over 700 unique wallets generated in-game. This is a massive achievement while still in early beta and before any paid marketing campaigns have started.
  • The details of our first NFT will be announced soon. Join our growing Discord to be the first to be notified.
  • Recent funding allows us to fulfil our go-to-market strategy for 2023. Our first campaign kicks off soon with Bayz


eSkillz Games June 2023 Report

June has seen the dev team work around the clock on PvP and Tournaments. With both features being integral to the future of the game, we have been taking our time to make sure the user experience is as smooth as possible.

This extra focus has unfortunately pushed back our June update to July, but we are confident it’s worth the wait. 

More news on these updates will be shared in Discord soon.

Our big game update is still due to be launched in July. This update includes but is not limited to:

  • Improved golf animations
  • Metakeep wallet integration
  • Tournaments
  • Addressable Assets (Allows players to download updates in-game)
  • Account in-game creation
  • Analytics (Allowing us to track DAU and trends accurately)
  • Improved in-game lighting
  • Hub experience on Android and IOS
  • Surprises…

Beta Test

The beta is live now. Players can play eSkillz Pool on Desktop, IOS and Android. 

eSkillz Hub experience, including Pool and Golf, is only available on Desktop until the July update.

Head over to our website and register for the beta today.

The eSkillz Hub beta is also available on


eSkillz Games June 2023 Report

In June, we continued strengthening the dev and marketing team with a new talented Unity Developer, Yusoff Zang, and a highly rated Graphic Designer, Daniel Rivas joining the eSkillz Games team.

Check out our LinkedIn announcements for more team news and career opportunities.


Our community continues growing steadily through the bear market and our build phase. Due to recent partnerships and announcements, we have seen a big increase in Twitter followers. 

We remain very active with Twitter Spaces and other forms of organic marketing. This month saw us co-host a Mega Spaces on Web3 Sports Gaming with our friends at Lazy Soccer. Some other fantastic Web3 sports projects, including Epoch, Swoops and NFL Rivals, joined us.
Check out the recording here

Our first paid marketing campaigns are heavily focused on player and community acquisition. We can’t wait to meet everyone.


eSkillz Games June 2023 Report

In June, we continued to partner with many great projects. We now have over 40 partners, most of which will be announced in the near future.
Our partnership with Salad Ventures saw eSkillz being added to their gamified loot bax mint quest. This has greatly increased our Twitter following with KYCd users. The future of our partnership will be announced in time, but more great things to come.

Also, we’re delighted to announce our integration with Polygon Labs finally. Integrating Polygon was a no-brainer for eSkillz. Read more about the integration here.


Recent funding allows us to fulfil our go-to-market strategy for 2023. Our first campaign kicks off soon with Bayz. Bayz is one of the recent acquisitions of Kratos Studios, which has just successfully raised $20M. Click to read more here. This campaign is localised to Brazil, and we have identified Brazil as a perfect target audience for eSkillz Games.

  • Top 10 global gaming revenue with 2.6B in 2022
  • 157M gamers – 127M use Mobile and 87M use PC
  • 28M esports fans
  • Huge competitive Pool leagues
  • 10M Crypto holders
  • 8 M NFT holders


We successfully closed our insider funding round with family and friends at the beginning of the month, which quickly raised us $80,000. We were able to raise another $170,000 from angel investors. This has considerably increased our runway and allowed us to allocate a substantial portion of our resources. The primary focus of funds is development and marketing.

For information on investment opportunities, contact Dean.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more updates.

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