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eSkillz Games Hole-In-One Championship

To celebrate The Open Championship eSkillz Games has teamed up with Bridie Golf to bring you the first eSkillz Games Hole-In-One Championship.

The rules are simple:

Download the eSkillz free-to-play beta via the gaming platform, and get a hole-in-one on the golf game to win $100 plus goodies. Easy right? 

Full details are below.

eSkillz Games Hole-In-One Championship

Who are eSkillz Games

eSkillz Games is a gaming studio that develops realistic sports focusing on skill-based wagering and player-owned digital asset economies. eSkillz Sportsverse is the first title from the eSkillz platform.

Founded by gaming industry veterans that played their part in some of the biggest sports titles over the last 20 years.  

“With an average of 20 years of experience in several multi-million selling titles, including Colin McRae Rally, LMA Football Manager, Music, ToCA Touring Cars, WRC, Delta Force, Sniper Elite, and various sports simulators at studios like Codemasters, Evolution, and Rebellion, we possess a deep understanding of what makes games fun and exciting and can bring this expertise to everything we create.”

What is the eSkillz Hub and what can I expect

The Hub is a gaming universe created by eSkillz. The open-world environment will house several sports games tied into one ecosystem. We cater to sports fans of all shapes and sizes. Building casual pick-up and play game modes to enjoy solo or with friends as well as more competitive game modes and tournaments for players that love to test their skills by going head to head against the best.

The current eSkillz beta has two sports, Pool with PvP and arcade game modes and Golf with some arcade modes and three Par 3 holes. These Par 3 holes are the focus of this competition.

Karting will be the next sport released into the Hub. More details on this coming soon.

How to play the game

Follow these simple steps below:

  • Head to and download the game launcher
  • After the installation is finished, sign up for an Ultra account and login
  • Search for eSkillz in the Ultra store and click the free/get button
  • Head to your game library and install eskillz. 
  • When it is finished, load the game up
  • Register an eSkillz account when prompted and login to your eSkillz account
  • Head to the Par 3 holes and have fun

Par 3 holes:


What is

Ultra is a gaming hub that enables players, developers, and brands to discover the true meaning of freedom. Dubbed The Future of Gaming, where players can explore, play, earn, trade, and build on their terms.

Ultras trusted gaming platforms allow both Web3 and Web2 studios to list the games on the game client.

For eSkillz games, this allows their community to download their safe game with peace of mind and the security of the gaming client. On top of building trust, Ultra supports projects and helps them gain exposure just by listing on their platform. 

How to enter the competition and what can I win

Once you have installed the game and logged in, get a hole-in-one on any of the Par 3 holes. Easy right?


$100 + 100 vSkill + @Bronze Discord Role + Birdie VIP Pass to the first person to get a hole-in-one 

$100 + Athletic Project Golf NFT + 100 vSkill + Birdie VIP Pass to the player with the most hole-in-ones at the end of the competition.

$25 + 75 vSkill + @Bronze Discord Role + Birdie VIP Pass to the player with the second most hole-in-ones at the end of the competition.

$10 + 50 vSkill + @Bronze Discord Role + Birdie VIP Pass to the player with the third most hole-in-ones at the end of the competition.

And a bonus playoff for one lucky winner from the USA for a physical Birdie bundle.

*Shipping is only available in the USA.

Watch this video guide for installation and gold tutorial.

This contest runs from 16 July 2023 until 23 July 2023.

Join Discord for full detail. 

Beta current state

The game is in early beta, so expect bugs and other issues. We are very responsive in Discord and have a Bug Catchers incentive program to reward those that find and report bugs in-game and in Discord.

The current build does not represent the finished game, and extensive UI and tutorial updates are in the works. We thank you all for your early support.

The eSkillz team.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more updates.

To learn more and to stay up to date, follow us:




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