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eSkillz Games and the Metaverse.

What is the Metaverse?

There is no generally agreed, standard definition of the metaverse yet, and that is both good and bad.

Bad in the sense that — there is a lack of agreed standards as standard rules would be helpful, and…

Good in that — we can make our own version of it and do what we want with it.

Key Features of the metaverse

Persistent — it’s always on.

Live — as it happens, in real-time.

Economy — has its own economy and a robust one at that.

Interoperability — items can be used across the entire metaverse.

Contributors — players can add to and improve it.

NFT-based — all items are NFTs/in non-fungible token format.

Immersive — VR/AR options etc.

Social Features — chat, streaming, etc.

eSkillz Games version of the metaverse

Our goal is to combine all of the above with digital versions of all things sports-related and that is:

Create a persistent online world with all our sports games in it, plus support for other developers’ games and player-built content: The center of the world will be a residential area and every player will have their own home that will be given to them upon joining, homes can be bought and sold also. They will be able to customize their homes and keep the trophies they win there. Each apartment will have four rooms:

– The bedroom that can be decorated with sports memorabilia such as bedspread, posters, etc.

– The closet that will contain all the player’s licensed clothing, in which they can dress their avatar.

– Trophy room to keep all their awards and trophies in.

– The lounge that will be customized with merchandise and offers a view of the Sportsverse world.

When players log on to the Sportsverse, they will begin in their homes where they can choose an outfit and access the marketplace before stepping out into the world.

The residential areas will be surrounded by storefronts and sports venues such as golf courses and football stadiums.

Players will also be able to travel around the world on foot or warp quickly to a point on the map.

The world will be full of other players who can be interacted with.

The aim is to fill the world with as many sports, games, and as much fun as possible.

The Metaverse will allow us to offer other sports that maybe wouldn’t warrant a full game i.e. horse racing, poker, boxing, chess, darts, and more.

Key Roles in the Economy

The aim of the Sportsverse is to create an economy for all players to make money. Below are some of the main roles: –


Playing Sports and eSports games will earn you tokens, as will making achievements such as hitting a home run or scoring a hat-trick. Winning matches and tournaments will earn even more.

The goal of every player is to go Pro and every season, drafts will be held and players can look to get signed up to represent a franchise.


Land — citizens will be able to buy, sell and rent plots of land in the Sportsverse.

Store — citizens will be able to set up their own stores and run businesses from within, such as game item shops, galleries for their own NFTs, slots arcades, etc. Famous teams, clothing and equipment brands will also be approached to open their own official merchandise stores.

Franchise — citizens will be able to own and operate their own major-team franchises. Franchise owners will share in the success of their teams and will also sell merchandise and season tickets to fans. They will also be able to negotiate broadcast rates for fans and streamers. Famous teams will also be approached to create franchises.

Stadium — citizens will be able to buy and operate stadia to host major events and tournaments. They will receive rent from Franchise owners and tournament operators, and a cut of the season ticket and broadcasting revenue.


This is the most important role in the Sportsverse.


Live stream matches and tournaments, and provide commentary for fans to watch.


Head Coach — will pick the team and call the shots.

Personal Trainer — will get paid to level up player avatars for others.

Sport-specific roles such as Golf Caddy

Equipment — all player avatars and equipment will be available for rent for a fee e.g. if I have a level 5 player and golf clubs, I can rent a level 30 player and clubs to enter a tournament, increasing my chances of winning.


Will run sports and eSports tournaments and events, taking a cut of the entry fees.

Grand Slam — each sport will have 4 majors per season, and players can bid to host them. They will then receive a fee from broadcasting rights, sponsorship, etc.

In the Sportsverse, each sport will have its own governing body, think Digital Golf Association, Digital Football League, Digital Basketball Association, etc. These bodies will determine the rules of play as well as tournament structure, schedule, draft, purse, and more.

We also hope to offer roles such as bookmaker, lottery organizer, staker, fantasy football organizer, tournament organizer, Hall of Fame organizer, caddy, casino owner, arcade owner (slots, pachinko, etc), and tailgate party, with more to follow.

Along with traditional sports, we will offer fairground games, casino games, games of chance, theme parks, and more.

There will be room for other types of jobs too, such as Realtor, Sports Reporter, Data Analysis, Tipster, etc.

eSkillz Games is creating the future of sports gaming through Web 3.0, P2E, NFT, and the Metaverse. To learn more visit @eSkillzNFT or

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