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Welcome beta tester

Download and Support

The Hub v1.0 - This includes both Golf and Pool


You have made it this far! Congratulations. Just a few more steps.

1) Download the game for Desktop, IOS or Android.

2) Head to the login button on the top left of the homepage next to the eSkillz logo.

eSkillz Games login button location
Images showing go to register button location
4) Enter your details to set up your profile. (Add your favourite PFP as your avatar by clicking the icon at the top)
Image showing the details to set up your eSkillz profile

5) A Verification code will be sent to your email. Enter that in the required field.<b

6) Now log in with your email and password.

Now you are on, and this site has the Leaderboards, Marketplace, Profile and Wallet. While in beta everything is subject to change.

When creating a profile eSkillz makes you an in-game wallet. When you click it, a MetaMask pop-up will appear. You can cancel that, as while in beta, we are on the Mumbai Testnet and do not require a connection to MetaMask at this time.

7) Next, we need some test $MATIC for in-game gas fees. You will need to head to the Polygon Faucet to send yourself some test Matic.

First, copy your in-game wallet address by clicking your profile in the top right and clicking copy.

Location of the test $MATIC for in-game gas fees
Location of your in-game wallet address

Then head here and paste your in-game wallet address and hit Send Me MATIC. In a few minutes, you will receive 0.5 $MATIC, which is enough to play the beta.

Image showing the link location to Mumbai Faucet for $matic

8) Now, head to the downloaded game and log in.

9) Play practice mode to earn $SKILL. Once you have earned some $SKILL, you will be free to play the other game modes

Image showing three different game modes for eSkillz Pool

eSkillz Arcade modes and PvP use a wagering gaming economy meaning you will always need to wager some amount of $SKILL to play the game.

Please remember you are early, and during early beta testing, there will be bugs, issues and glitches. If you encounter any issues or anything that doesn’t seem correct, please submit a bug report in the game and report it in Discord.

Thanks for helping shape The Future of Sports Gaming.

The eSkillz Team.

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