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eSkillz Games

At eSkillz Games, we strive to create games that respect, reward and empower our players.

The team behind eSkillz Games is one of seasoned gaming industry veterans who are passionate about creating innovative and engaging games. With an average of 20 years of experience in several multi-million selling titles, including Colin McRae Rally, LMA Football Manager, Music, ToCA Touring Cars, WRC, Delta Force, Sniper Elite, and various sports simulators at studios like Codemasters, Evolution, and Rebellion, we possess a deep understanding of what makes games fun and exciting and can bring this expertise to everything we create.

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With our collective experience and knowledge that enable us to create games that are both engaging and rewarding for players, eSkillz Games has the goal to become the EA Sports of Play&Earn gaming. We are committed to developing high-quality games for all the major sports, incorporating Play&Earn mechanics and in-game betting.

We are also building a sports-based Metaverse around our games, complete with cross-sport championships and digital versions of all things sports-related. This will be backed by a digital economy catering to both players and investors. It will be open to third-party sports game developers, sports equipment & clothing manufacturers, and others, allowing us to build a robust and diverse ecosystem around our platform. Our ultimate aim is to unite the world in the joy of sports, and we believe that our innovative approach to gaming and the digital economy can help us achieve this goal.

At eSkillz Games, we strive to create games that respect, reward and empower our players. We believe that gaming should be fun and accessible to all, and we want to make this a reality through our innovative platform and dedication to excellence. Our ultimate goal is to become the Future of Sports Gaming.

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