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The Future Of Sports Gaming

Game. Earn. Bet. Own.

eSkillz Games

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Hey there, sports fans! The team behind eSkillz Games comprises some of the most experienced and skilled gaming industry veterans you’ll ever encounter. These guys are passionate, fierce and absolutely dedicated to creating adrenaline-fueled, heart-pounding games that are just as innovative as they are engaging.

They’ve each got over 20 years of experience working on some of the biggest multi-million-selling titles in the sports gaming world and beyond, including Colin McRae Rally, LMA Football Manager, Music, ToCA Touring Cars, WRC, Delta Force, Sniper Elite, and various sports simulators at studios like Codemasters, Evolution, and Rebellion. They know what it takes to make a game fun, and they’re not afraid to bring that expertise to every single game that they create.

And that’s just the beginning. These game-changers have set their sights on becoming the EA Sports of Play&Earn gaming. That’s right, they want to create games that are not only thrilling but also give players the chance to earn while they play. They’re working on developing high-quality games for all the major sports with in-game betting and Play&Earn mechanics that’ll get your heart racing. eSkillz will also have Free2Play game modes to remove the entry barrier for millions of players.

If that’s not enough, they’re also building a social Open-world environment where players can experience cross-sport championships and digital versions of all things sports-related. And the best part? They’re creating a digital economy that caters to both players and investors. It’s open to third-party sports game developers, sports equipment & clothing manufacturers, and anyone else who wants to join the fun.

eSkillz Games is all about respecting, rewarding, and empowering players. For them, gaming is all about having fun and bringing people together. They’re on a mission to become the Future of Sports Gaming and to unite the world in the joy of sports. And we believe that they’re going to succeed.

An icon of two pool balls

eSkillz Pool - Open Beta Live Now.

Rack them up in eSkillz Pool and show your skill in pocketing them!

Our first release for the Sporsverse, eSkillz Pool is a pool/billiards game that will place you in fierce competition against other players and AI in a virtual environment but also challenge you with different Game Modes where skill and speed are essential.

Get rewarded for your achievements. Bet on yourself before each game and see your points going up with your skills. Climb up the different leaderboards and claim the title of eSkillz Pool Champion.

Check out more about our seven playable game modes.

An icon of a golf course with trees

eSkillz Golf - Open Beta Live Now

Golfers, grab your clubs and get ready to swing your way into a new eSkillz Golf world! 

In eSkillz Golf we bring the precision needed to play golf to a whole new level. Tee off in several modes and discover if you got what it takes to do a hole-in-one every time. If you do you can climb up the ranks and can claim the title of eSkillz Golf champion.


A rendered image of a pool player looking at the eSkill Pool beta icon

Take to the links, or rack the balls with eSkillz Games and fight your way to the top of the leaderboards!


The Future of Sports Gaming

To create the first-of-its-kind social sports Open-world environment (SportsVerse) and to bring major sports brands into our ecosystem.
Enable everyone to immerse themselves in a digital world of sports with F2P/P&E/P&O gaming, ownership, viewing, wagering, economy and more, evolving skilled players in the SportsVerse
  • Respect our players
  • Reward our players
  • Empower our players


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Q4 – Qualifying
  • Incorporate eSkillz Games Limited
  • Define strategy for eSkillz games


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Q1-2 – Group Stage
  • Assemble development team
  • Onboard COO and CFO
  • Begin Pool game
  • Begin Golf game


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Q3-4 – Knockout
  • Begin building open world game
  • Complete management structure
  • Release Pool game beta


An image divider for the timeline section
Q1-2 – Semi-final
  • Begin fund raising
  • Golf beta
  • Release Pool on main network
  • Launch The Hub
  • Avatar Mint


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Q3-4 – Final
  • Private land sale
  • Public token sale
  • Launch on Polygon network
  • Beta Game 3
  • Equipment and wearable NFTs


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Q1-2 – World Champion
  • Launch eSkillz SportsVerse
  • Public land sale
  • Beta Game 4
  • License third party games
  • Philanthropy campaign
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